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You may say I'm a dreamer...


You may say I'm a dreamer...

Megan Harrod

...but I'm not the only one. I dream at night...and during the day. I dream about wandering through radiant sparkle countries like Narnia, breathing in the cool, crisp mountain air, living in a van by the ocean in a faraway land, surfing 15 footers (I'd be terrified, let's be honest...but I still dream about it), starting my own sustainable fashion business, owning a coffee shop/boutique called "El Mundo" featuring treats and trinkets from around the world, making others laugh and feel good about themselves, finding that one unique travel companion that can adventure through life with fearlessly exploring with me (and that I don't get sick of), jumping on big, fluffy clouds high, high up in the sky, traveling to every nook and cranny of this big, beautiful globe...yeah, I dream A LOT. I love life. I love fun. I remember when I was a small child I'd get disgruntled when I'd find myself in situations where I wasn't having fun and my father would say, "Life isn't about having fun, Megan!" I disagree, pops. On top of that, I've always been a dreamer. And a firm believer in the impossible. You know, it's like that quote in Alice in Wonderland, 'Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.' Let's make it seven. Call me an over-achiever-dreamer. It's true. I LOVE to dream.

I transitioned through life living with a father who would tell me my head was stuck up in the clouds to living with a man who would tell me my head was stuck up in the clouds. Funny enough, that was the original reason that man fell so deeply in love with me in the first place. The way I saw it is that I'd rather have a head stuck up in the clouds exploring that big ol' beautiful universe than a head stuck elsewhere. Dreaming is FUN. But what I've realized is that most people don't do it because they're fearful of the outcome...

"The Evolution of a Dream"

Dream is implanted into brain.

Dreamer becomes thrilled.

Dreamer becomes terrified.

If no action is taken, terrifying thoughts grow into flesh-eating monsters. Dream is considered unrealistic.

If action is taken, Megan, terrifying thoughts are revealed to be paper tigers. Confidence soars, miracles unfold, and dreamer begins to saunter.

Either way, nothing remains the same.

    The Universe

P.S. The difference taking action will make in your life, Megan, is more than can be comprehended. But, of course, this is also true of inaction.

I'm more fearful of inaction than I am of dreaming. So this is a little Friday nudge in the bum to get out there and fearlessly dream. Dream big. Dream audaciously. Be a Dream Warrior. And then what?! Share your dreams with the people in your life who matter know, the ones who will support your big dreams. After that, all that's left is to SOAR.

P.S. My father has come around; I don't want to speak for him, but I think he has seen me live a successful, fearless, courageous life of FUN as a big dreamer. And as for that man...well, we're no longer together. It's for the best for both of us. I'll keep dreaming big and bold dreams, and he'll keep doing the amazing things he's doing in his life.