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The White Circus

World Cup Notes 5.12.15 | The #LV69 Edition

Megan Harrod

LINDSEY VONN, FOLKS! She’s one of the only ladies I know who can do the splits during a World Cup downhill and still finish nearly six tenths ahead of the field. Unbelivable. She snagged her sweet 16th victory at Lake Lindsey yesterday, and today she’ll be going for her 69th career victory. Rack ‘em up, girl. And how about that Andrew Weibrecht yesterday?! He skied from 34th to 5th yesterday, snagging his best downhill finish of his career…on home turf no less. Welcome back to the top 30, Horse. 

It’s a snowy one here at the Beav. There’s quite a bit of loose snow in the track here. The Talon Crew has their work cut out for them today, my friends. But they’re magicians…the best in the biz…and I have no doubt they’ll make make magic happen today. And they have some help, too. The coaches are taking a hot lap and slipping out the soft stuff too. It takes a village to put on a ski race. 

The Scoop: The Americans have yet to win a World Cup Super G on home snow. Is that for real?! Sure is. Bode podiumed in 2004, but he is the only American to reach the super G podium here (second place). There’s no day like today, right?! Big ol’ Bryce Bennett just told me the course is “PIPABLE” (I’m not even sure if that’s how you spell that). Yesterday Bryce scored his first World Cup points when he skied from 53rd to 28th. He was so stoked and that was so rad. Surface out there today looks good underneath, but because of the snow, reserve start will be used in today’s super G. 

Beaver Creek, CO – Men’s Super G

  • Start time: 11am local time
  • U.S. Starters: Travis Ganong (2), Andrew Weibrecht (10), Ted Ligety (29), Jared Goldberg (36), Tommy “BZ” Biesemeyer (42), Steven Nyman (46), Tim Jitloff (50), Bryce Bennett (56), and Tommy Ford (58). 
  • This is a Warhorse kind ‘ day. Funny, in 2007 when Andrew finished 10th from 53rd, the weather was similar to this. Worse, even. Visibility was low and it was gnarly. The Horse doesn’t mind one bit. Today’s his day. The last time a man from United States reached the podium in a super G World Cup race was Miller, when he finished third in Lenzerheide in March 2014. Yo ugot this 
  • Ready for the “T” show?! Here we go. Travis finished fourth last week in the Lake Louise super G and after a disappointing day yesterday, these guys are MAD and ready to ski fast. They said so last night. He’ll be looking for the fast line today and I don’t doubt that he’ll find it. Ted “Shred” Ligety will be coming in hot at bib 29 today. Tomorrow is his big show, but he’s no stranger to success in super G. Remember he was victorious in super G in 2013 Worlds at Schladming?! Tommy Biesemeyer is back and feeling good. He spoke with our friend George Thomas this week for a little update on what it’s like to return to snow. Tommy Ford has been CRUSHING lately, picking up two NorAm GS wins last week at Copper. He’s one of the most beautiful, fluid, powerful skiers I’ve seen. Keep an eye out. 
  • Alpine Director Patrick Riml says you just have to trust it and go, boys. It’s go time!

Who’s in the Hunt: DAYUM, those Attacking Vikings. They’re unstoppable, huh?! Aksel Lund Svindal (20) has won 13 World Cup races in the Super G, second most among men behind the man, the myth, the legend, Hermann Maier, who has won almost double the amount of races (24). Jansrud coming in at 16. Might be the Svinsrud show again today. Very likely. That’s all I got right now. I’m still in awe of Svindal’s run yesterday…how does the big man find that much speed on top?! 

Lake Louise – Women’s Downhill

  • GO time: 12:45 local time
  • U.S. Starters: Stacey Cook (9), Laurenne Ross (12), Lindsey Vonn (lucky number 16), Alice McKennis (24), Jackie Wiles (28), Breezy Johnson (yes, that really is her name) bib 41, and Anna Marno (48). 
  • There’s another chance for strong results from the Speed Unicorns today up in Lake Louise! Yeeeeeeeehaw. These girls have the capability to stack the top 10. They’re inspired by Lindsey’s result and recovery yesterday and the team vibe is good. 
  • Stacey made a sizable mistake yesterday that cost her some time, and she’s ready to crush today. Laurenne told me she skied like a goon. Today she won’t be skiing like a goon. Alice will throw down today. Jackie was strong in training runs and can definitely grab a top 15. It’ll be Breezy’s second World Cup race and some World Cup points are on the platter for her to eat up today. Come on, ladies…let’s do this. 

Who’s in the Hunt: They’ll all be gunning for Vonn, but to be quite honest…if VONN is ON, no one can catch her. Just sayin’. #LV69.

TV Schedule (times EST):
1:00 p.m. - Men's SG, Beaver Creek - NBCSN - LIVE
1:00 p.m. - Men's SG, Beaver Creek - NBC Live Extra - LIVE STREAM
2:30 p.m. - Women's DH, Lake Louise  - NBC Live Extra - LIVE STREAM
8:30 p.m. - Women's DH, Lake Louise, Universal HD

Ski in Peace,