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Morning Reflections: Warrior of the Light


Morning Reflections: Warrior of the Light

Megan Harrod

This is a short one today, but I wanted to share a bit about the morning routine I've adopted over the last couple of months. These rituals have become an important part of finding balance and starting the day off with positivity and purpose. My relationship with routine is an odd and surprising one...a few years ago I would have cringed at the thought. Now, with the chaos and constant movement, I appreciate it. These practices are simple, but I've found if I spend 30 minutes each day, there's a profound difference in the way my day unfolds. Here goes...

1) Wake up, stretch with arms up in the air and a smile on my face (this might be one of the favorite parts of my day, especially on a day that I'm really sore from a workout)

2) Take my vitamins with a glass of water...Magnesium and Vitamin B.

3) My writing exercise. From Tim Ferriss, I learned a writing exercise called "The 5-Minute Journal". It's simple and it's effective in calming my mind and finding my focus for the day. Every morning and every night, I allow myself some time for dreaming and reflection. It plays out like the AM: 3 things I'm grateful for, 3 things that would make today amazing, 1 daily affirmation / in the PM: 3 things that made today amazing, 1 thing that would have made today better. Through the practice, I've learned to be grateful for the small things, set my simple intentions, and focus on what matters. Also, I've decided to scrap the part about 1 thing that would have made today better part, as part of an effort to be gentle with myself and focus on the things I can control. This exercise has ultimately helped me to quiet the voices in my head. 

4) Either some music accompanied by kitchen dancing in my PJs or a focused podcast. Today it was Lewis Howes' The School of Greatness with Elizabeth Gilbert. Another favorite is the Tim Ferriss Show. It's great. I've learned something new from people I admire. Today, specifically, I learned from Elizabeth Gilbert that the most gracious gift you can give someone is to let them see your vulnerability.

5) Espresso. Just a double shot in the morning. I've scrapped the afternoon espresso. As a result, I'm sleeping better.

6) Sometimes, I read a couple of pages of a book as well. Today, it's from the Warrior of the Light, by Paulo Coelho. It's been harder for me to get into it than The Alchemist, but it has provided me with some solid foundational principles that have grounded me. Today, I gift you one of these principles, on the topic of love and relationship.

A Warrior of the Light needs love.
Love and affection are as much a part of his nature as eating, drinking, and a taste for a Good Fight. When the Warrior watches a sunset and feels no joy, then something is wrong.
At this point, he stops fighting and goes in search of company, so that they can watch the sunset together.
If he has difficulty in finding company, he asks himself: ‘Was I too afraid to approach someone? Did I receive affection and not even notice?’
A Warrior of the Light makes use of solitude, but is not used by it.
— Paulo Coelho, Warrior of the Light

Lots of good stuff has come as a result of this morning, and evening, routine. Shout if you have questions about specific reads or podcasts that have had an impact on me, and please share yours here as well.

Much love.