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What brings you joy?


What brings you joy?

Megan Harrod

Last fall before the ski season started, I spent some much-needed time with my chick tribe in Jackson, which includes some of my very best friends in the Universe - Lindsay and Keely. While we were lounging up in Lindsay's cozy little mountain cabin, we explored the question "What brings you joy?" and the topics of finding and sustaining happiness. It was an enlightening conversation, and I learned a lot. One of the key takeaways I had was a simple exercise Lindsay had recommended, which helps her to stay true to herself and acts as a solid reminder of all the good things in life. It's super-simple. On the inside page of her journal, she has a page that features all of the things that bring her joy. When she's sad or frustrated, she refers to this page as a reminder. She inspired me to do the same. Here's mine:

  • Fresh winter air and sunshine on my face
  • Corduroy
  • Alpenglow
  • Bubble baths
  • Hot springs
  • A giggling baby
  • The smell of eucalyptus
  • A powder day
  • Writing
  • Thai food
  • Patterned leggings
  • Laughter with friends
  • Products with a story
  • Sharing my story and inviting others to share theirs
  • Unicorns and magic
  • My father's laugh
  • Making someone smile
  • Cultural epiphanies
  • The warmth of the ocean in Maui
  • Changing perceptions - my own and others
  • Bohemian style and gypsy jewelry
  • Naps. Lots of naps.
  • That giddy feeling when climbing into a sleeping bag for the first time while camping that makes you want to squeal like a guinea pig and smile with glee
  • Soft kisses on my forehead and the nape of my neck
  • Laughing at myself
  • Good espresso
  • A rare+ filet mignon
  • Bike rides
  • Art - visual, music, conversation, cooking...whatever
  • Hikes
  • My baby blanket (thanks, grandma!)
  • A nice glass of red wine
  • Dynamic movement
  • Savasana
  • A well-designed backpack
  • Family time, especially at Christmas
  • Change, and the process that you go through while in transition ("Zmena")
  • Getting my nails done
  • The smell of cookies baking
  • Making connections
  • Exploring new destinations
  • Encouraging others to be their best self
  • Feeling small in nature
  • Surrounding myself with positive vibes and shedding the toxic stuff - "good vibes only"
  • Burning incense
  • Hookah bars and mint tea
  • Pine tree-smelling candles
  • Campfires
  • Train travel
  • Creating something from nothing
  • Thoughtful design
  • Holding hands "like lovers"...with your lover
  • Creativity
  • Finding beauty in unexpected situations

Every time I struggle, I try to go back to this list and am always pleasantly surprised by the memories that float through my mind when I review this list. The baby sitting on the flight next to me that was giggling contagiously when her mom was making animal noises at her. That time I danced with locals led by a 70-year-old named "Blue" on the Aran Islands in Ireland. The smell and warmth of the campfire under the blood moon while camping in Indian Creek with mom and friends. Surfing in Maui with my sister and friend Kara. Stuff like that. And I always smile. See? Simple. Try it.

With love,