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Limbo is a hard place, I know it well...


Limbo is a hard place, I know it well...

Megan Harrod

...I said that to a friend tonight. It's true. I know the space of uncertainty and indecision well. The space between fear and joy. The space between a clean slate and creation. That's the beauty of it, though. It's a chance. A chance for change. To create something from nothing...set intentions and move forward. A new beginning. 

There's a full moon tonight, but it's so cloudy in Park City that I can't even see the moon. I'm okay with that.  I love the moon cycle. There's so much big energy in the universe on a full ending, but a beginning at the same time. It's magic. I returned to Utah from the island yesterday, feeling rejuvenated and more at home than I've felt in a long time. I was smiling. Last night I fell asleep to the light of the moon, big smile still across my face. I feel good right now.

While in Maui, I got into the practice of writing daily. A simple 5-minute morning and evening writing exercise introduced to me by Tim Ferriss' blog, I've spent time in the morning writing about the following topics: 1) Three things I'm grateful for, 2) Three things that would make today great, and 3) My affirmations for the day. In the evening, I take time to reflect: 1) Three amazing things that happened today and 2) What would have made today better?

A simple exercise that helps you to start and end your day with appreciation and reflection. What started as an exercise in appreciation of the grand things in life - time away in Maui, supportive parents who love me, etc...quickly morphed into appreciation of the small joys in life - the smell of my morning coffee, the sound of the wind hitting the palms outside of my kitchen window, the taste of the mango from Mana Foods...stuff like that. To appreciate the small things in life is a beautiful thing.

Though I thought I was going to use my time in Maui to figure out my life, instead I used the time to figure out myself again. To ground myself in what makes me happy. What makes me, well, so "me." I moved my body. I laughed. I talked to strangers. I dreamed. I created. I swam in the ocean with my heart up towards the sun. I smiled at turtles. I danced. I wrote. It was all good, and none of it felt like work. It was all for me, and all about me. Just the way it should be right now.

So now I return to uncertainty. To this place called Limbo that I know so well. No home. No plan for this summer. Why hello, Limbo. I've seen and experienced you before. You are not new to me. Good to see you again. Let's create, shall we?!

This is the start of something beautiful...