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A Suffragette at the Core


A Suffragette at the Core

Megan Harrod

Just watched the movie "Suffragette" and recommend it to all - man and woman alike. Awareness of how we arrived at the point where we exist is important. A BIG heartfelt thanks to my mother, my mother's mother, my mother's mother's mother and generations before...who paved the way for my freedom. Freedom for equality alongside our brothers. Freedom to have a voice. Freedom to explore the world with wild abandon.


The woman wanderer goes forth to seek the Land of Freedom.

“How am I to get there?” Reason answers: “here is one way, and one only. Down the banks of Labour, through the water of suffering. There is no other.”

The woman cries out: “For what do I go to this far land which no one has ever reached? Oh, I am alone! I am utterly alone!”

But soon she hears the sounds of feet, ‘a thousand times ten thousand and thousands of thousands, and they beat this way!’

“They are the feet of those who shall follow you. Lead on.”

(from Olive Schreiner’s Three Dreams in a Desert, a book passed on from suffragette to suffragette)

Yep...I definitely would have fought that fight for my sisters. My daughters. Their daughters. I would have been a suffragette. I'm thankful for my freedom.

The Vagablonde