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Let Go.


Let Go.

Megan Harrod

From time to time, I like to borrow words and share them. Especially from my favorite sources, like Elephant Journal. This is definitely one of those times. Thank you, Waylon Lewis, for creating a medium that resonates so deeply with my soul. I could have written these words:

"People miss this part: they miss the thing they’re really wanting. The monkey might want the banana because he’s hungry or because he’s bored. The banana is just a symbol for what he really wants. Food or a toy to play with.

If I wanted a relationship, I found ways to be in an intimate relationship with everyone I knew. I became radically honest and crazy authentic. If I wanted kids, I’d go teach someone else’s kids if I didn’t already have them. If I wanted a better house, I’d say everyday how grateful I am for the one I’ve already got.

I’m not confused about what I want. What I want is to quench my thirst for life. Not having the glass I want to drink it out of isn’t going to stop me from cupping my hands and drinking it from a raging river.

A friend once stuck out her open hand in a cupped position and said, “If I poured water into my hand, how would I keep it?” I stared. She replied, “If I closed my hand to keep the water, it would all slip through my finger tips. The only way I can keep it, is by keeping it open.”

I remained open to how things would come and how things would go. This way of being has led me to places I’d never dare to dream of, inside of myself and inside of my life.

Let go of your bananas.

Stay open.

Drink whatever water tastes good no matter what container it comes in.

It all comes.

This, I promise."

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